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  • Complimentary Guacamole (Half size)
  • Mexico Lindo
  • Mexican
  • 5,500yen- with 2 Drinks included.
  • Seventh Heaven
  • Gentlemen's Clubs

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  • Dolly
  • Yoko clinic Roppongi (Dermatology / Roppongi)

  • Burnt by BBL treatment
  • I was burnt with a BBL treatment by Dr Yoko Takeshige. I have permanent scar on my face. The clinic would not accept responsibility.

Sakura House
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  • Dude
  • Hair Salons / Harajuku
  • Kaz has got to be Tokyo's coolest hair dresser. Check out his website (which is in English) and you'll understand. He studied and worked in New York and London and has been specialized in "foreig... Read More
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