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  • X-girl
  • ( Clothing  / Harajuku )
  • Xen Bamboo Bar: Roppongi
  • ( Asian Fusion , Izakaya , Bars  / Roppongi )
  • Xen Bamboo Bar is a fashionable bar connected to Roppongi Hills. The food is decidedly international with items such as pizza, Vietnamese spring rolls and sushi. The liquor menu is as international, e...
  • XEX Daikanyama The Bar
  • ( Cocktail Lounges , Bars  / Daikanyama )
  • Once you get to the top of the stairs, you will see a Bali resort spread out in front of you. This is the terrace. It has a pond and the seating surrounds it. The pond is illuminated at night and i...
  • Xing Fu
  • ( Chinese  / Ginza )
  • It was not heavy, not too light. I went there with my mother, she made a reservation and ordered the courses in advance not to miss some dishes. The course had 10 dishes such as shark fin, vegetable...
  • Xross
  • ( Dance Clubs / Nightclubs  / Hiroo )
  • Walk into this club and all you see are the white drapes coving the walls, but then you walk downstairs and you are greeted by a large dance floor with the stereo system blasting. The dance floor is i...