Where do you go for that killer hair cut? Or for a well-deserved massage? Healthy and organic eating? Our Sunny Beauty & Health Guide highlights some of the best stores in Tokyo, and we hope to help you find what you’re looking for.


For massages, one of the most popular places with Tokyo’s foreign community is Egbok in Roppongi, where the staff is bilingual and offers acupuncture and aromatherapy in addition to regular massages.

For healing massages and Oriental techniques, head for Zen Massage Center (Roppongi), where everybody is a professional massage therapist, and perform their original healing treatments. Kay at essence k (Azabu-juban) is also a NY state licensed massage therapist.

In Hiroo, nanea specializes in Hawaiian Lomi-lomi massage, as well as reflexology or aromatherapy. Their staff was trained by Aunt Margaret, who is a national living treasure of Hawaii and a pioneer practitioner of Lomi-lomi.

If you just came back from Bangkok and didn’t get enough Thai massages there, head for Asias, which is run by the Thai Traditional Massage Association of Japan.

If a sport massage is what you need, the head masseur at Route Vigor (Hiroo) worked for ten years in professional sports before opening his own place.

Hair Salons

The foreign community in Tokyo has made some hair salons their favorites, and Shingen Japon (Hiroo)is one of them. Shingen trained in France and the staff is used to working with all kinds of hair. Who Ga New York in Akasaka is also a favorite, with more than half the customers coming from abroad. Many of the hairstylists spent time training at their New York location.

For one of Japan’s leading hair stylists, head to Watanabe Hair Dressing (Harajuku). Aki Watanabe has been presented with numerous awards and was recently named Tokyo’s top hair stylist by Forbes magazine. He is fluent in English, thanks to time spent training in London and Sidney. While at Watanabe, be sure to check out the nail work they do as well!

Yuto Kanazuki’s salon Luna Hair (Kugahara Ota-ku)is also a top destination. He does the hair of models and TV personalities, and has received several awards. Our Sunnypages users have also had good experiences at M.Slash in Daikanyama.

While not a hair salon, you might want to try Rev-Own (Shibuya), which created a new category in the Japanese beauty industry. Their specialty is shaving and exfoliation, and it has proved tremendously popular with Japanese women. They also do lips, make-up, facials and have a complete lineup of treatments for men.

Gyms & Classes

Tokyo boasts hundreds of gyms to get in shape. One of them is Tipness, which has several locations throughout the city. Membership gives you access to the equipment, and also to the gamut of classes such as aerobics, yoga and dance. Wow’d in Hiroo offers a range of classes such as aerobics, martial arts/aerobics, yoga, dance and pilates. Sportsplex in Ebisu features a pool and squash courts in addition to the standard training rooms, while Gold’s Gym (Harajuku) is a well-known chain with numerous locations.

Yoga Jaya is a popular yoga studio in Daikanyama, where the director and a lot of the teachers are either native English speakers or spent considerable time traveling abroad. For tennis lessons, head to the Jinji Tennis Center based at the Hilton Hotel in Shinjuku, and to brush up your salsa or tango skills, or to take up competitive latin dancing, give Dance Studio Casino in Roppongi a try.

Healthy Eating

The aptly named Eat More Greens restaurant in Azabu-Juban will make sure you get enough vitamins in your meal. Otherwise, give J’s Kitchen in Hiroo a try, where they cook macrobiotic food, and everything is organic. For tofu and seasonal vegetables, try Goemon (Hakusan Bunkyo-ku) which has become fairly popular with health-conscious eaters. Finally, for shojin cuisine, which originated in Japanese temples and is an extremely refined form of vegetarian cooking, head either to Daigo (Kamiyacho) or Geshinkyo (Harajuku).

There are several organic grocery stores in Tokyo, and Natural House is one of the best. Located a few steps away from Omotesando station, they carry the whole range of fresh produce, packaged goods, cosmetics and natural cleaning supplies. Not far away is the Crayon House (Harajuku), where the basement works as an organic store and cafe. In Hiroo, head to Natural Mart, which is a small, but well-stocked organic health store while in Takadanobaba you will find Lifely, which runs a vegetarian restaurant together with a natural supermarket.

Enjoy, and be healthy!