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  • Nikko

  • Landmarks & Historical Places, Temples, Shrines ( Kita-Senju )
  • Nikko is home to a spectacular complex of shrines and temples which together are a World Heritage Site and the impressive Nikko National Park, with good views and hiking trails. It can be reached in u...
  • Shibamata Taishaku Ten

  • Temples ( Kita-Senju )
  • Shibamata Taishaku Ten was built in 1629. Although it may seem uninteresting at first, look closer and you will see that Buddha is in the details. The craftsmanship of the carvings will astound you. ...
  • Katsushika City Museum

  • Planetariums ( Kita-Senju )
  • This planetarium is located within the Katsushika City Museum. 360,000 stars are thrown onto the sky-dome with a new projector reinstalled in March 2007. The programs are always changing, so you're bo...
  • Yamamoto Tei

  • Japanese Gardens ( Kita-Senju )
  • Yamamoto Tei was ranked in the top three for three consecutive years by the US-based "Journal of Japanese Gardens." A wooden two-story building stands in the center of the 900-squared-meter garden. Ju...
  • Daikokuyu

  • Sento (Public Bath) ( Kita-Senju )
  • Daikoku-yu is a bath house extremely popular with sento-fans. The splendid exterior reminds one of a Buddhist temple, and indeed you feel like you've somehow ended up in Kyoto. Inside, you're greete...
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  • Shirakawa Business Hotel

  • Hotels ( Kita-Senju )
  • Shirakawa Business Hotel offers comfortable guestrooms just two minutes away from Shirakawa Station.They offer recently renovated rooms with four different styles to choose from. You can select the ro...
  • Myojinnoyu

  • Super Sentos ( Kita-Senju )
  • Oyata Onsen - Myojin no Yu is a super sento with one of the best atmospheres in Tokyo. Myojin no Yu’s rocky roten-buro (open-air spa) is quite impressive. The gentle and refreshing scent of the hiba...
  • Ryuokyo

  • Parks & Nature, Hiking ( Kita-Senju )
  • Located north of Nikko, this spectacular park is well worth the 2.30 hour trip from Tokyo. The valley features natural rock formations that provide a stunning counterpoint to the fall foliage.The Tobu...
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