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  • New York Bar

  • Cocktail Lounges, Live Bars/Jazz Bars ( Shinjuku )
  • The view up there at night is spectacular. This restaurant is home to some really good food, an excellent selection of mixed beverages, wines and whiskies, and has excellent service. If you can't af...
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  • Albatross : Omoide Yokocho

  • Bars ( Shinjuku )
  • Albatross stands out as a slightly different bar than most in Omoide Yokocho. Rather than specializing in yakitori, oden or some other form of grilled stuff, Albatross sticks to the drinks in a tiny b...
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  • Hub

  • British pubs / Irish pubs ( Shinjuku )
  • I wandered into Hub on a Saturday night, and I was not disappointed. We were able to snag a table, which is sometimes a difficult feat. The mixed drinks were all excellent, and while a tad expensive (...
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  • Club Dragon: Shinjuku

  • Bars, Dance Clubs / Nightclubs ( Shinjuku )
  • This bar, I think, usually entertains a regular crowd. With outdoor seating, and a side than opens onto the street, this bar as remarkably beach like feel. From 7-9 on most nights they have 1000 yen n...
  • The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildi...

  • Night View Spots, Landmarks & Historical Places, Architecture ( Shinjuku )
  • The view is well and all, and kind of entertaining. You can see if you can point stuff out and a few of the windows number the "sights." In the West Tower (the one that's open later) there's...
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  • Cafe Hoegaarden

  • Beer Bars ( Shinjuku )
  • Located about a ten minute walk away from Shinjuku, cafe Hoegaarden features a interesting tour of some excellent Belgian brews together with a few German, Dutch and Japanese beers. The quality of the...
  • Hotel Bali An Resort

  • Love Hotels ( Shinjuku )
  • I stayed here in the deluxe room! It was 20,000 yen for the night, and included an outdoor bathtub on the roof. The bathtub had jets and a TV next to it. Of course there was a privacy screen so tha...
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  • Bar Hermit east

  • Bars, Cocktail Lounges ( Shinjuku )
  • Its by far one of the best scotch bars i have ever been to. Their drink presentation is awesome and they have the courtesy of giving you a glass of water for every dry drink you order. They have a...
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  • Hotel Pasha

  • Love Hotels ( Shinjuku )
  • What a great desinger's hotel. Shiny polished floors, crome finish on many surfaces, extra fancy bathtub, fluffy comforter and plush cigarette lighter. I was impressed, but the stone floors were a l...
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  • Wine Gallery Vinshakutei

  • Dining bars, Wine Bars ( Shinjuku )
  • My friend and I should have been more familiar with Japanese fancy cuisine. This restaurant is upscale, but still affordable. Perhaps because of its location on the very top floor of this building. (T...
  • Be Wave

  • Bars, Dining bars ( Shinjuku )
  • The two separate floors of Be-Wave could not be more different. The first floor is a classy restaurant/bar. The food is modern and the decor is Mediterranean. Empty wine barrels serve as the main deco...

  • Love Hotels ( Okubo )
  • Tiffard: a luxury experience at a decent price. I heard from an architectural friend of mine that this hotel was done by an architect who had already established himself, and was doing the Love Hotel...
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  • Alps

  • Izakaya, Teppanyaki / Hibachi, Yakiniku, Beer Bars ( Okubo )
  • Alps is amazing. It's hard to find, but look for the Hotel Listo (with a water fountain) in Kabukicho, past the pretty hosts trying to lure in O.L's, and it's around back and across the street. If you...
  • Den Aqua Room : Shinjuku

  • Cocktail Lounges ( Shinjuku )
  • Den Aquaroom is romantic, it's swanky, and it aims to make you feel like you're walked into Neptune's palace. It succeeds. While whole place is dimly lit with glowing blue lights, the bar's claim to f...
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  • Bagus Timeless Resort

  • Love Hotels ( Okubo )
  • Another Bali themed love hotel? Yes, yes it is. Not quite timeless, and a little on the pricey side for the rooms worth hiring, but this place is fun in its own tropical way. We didn't order any foo...
  • Style-A

  • Love Hotels ( Okubo )
  • This one is really easy to find! The bright lights on the outside act like a beacon, leading you past the hosts in pointy shoes trying to find customers, hostesses in cocktail dresses seeing off thei...
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  • Luxor Shinjuku

  • Bars ( Shinjuku )
  • Luxor delivers a pleasant Middle Eastern experience in the heart of kabuki-cho. The food is ok, but the highlight of the meal is lighting a hookah with flavoured tobacco and puffing the night away...

  • Love Hotels ( Okubo )
  • Another good love hotel experience. Although the hotel's design felt a little like a revisiting of the shinier aspects of the 80s, the place was clean, comfortable and fun. Our room even had a littl...
  • Asahi Super Dry : Shinjuku

  • Bars ( Shinjuku )
  • Atypical environment, a lot of business men, but don't exclude the girls either, cuz we went in here for a late night chowdown. The food is decent - i got the jaaga potatoes, which looked nothing like...
  • Golden Gai

  • Landmarks & Historical Places, Bars ( Shinjuku )
  • Many of these small bars have seating charges which they will only tell you about after you've finished. Going in for just one beer might not be as economical as you originally planned. Each bar has...
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