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  • Buri: Ebisu

  • Izakaya, Sake & Shochu Bars ( Ebisu )
  • Awesome place. I’ve been to Buri a few times now, and am looking forward to many more visits. The staff is funny and makes you feel welcome, the sake is good, and the food is tasty. The only thing I...
  • Sasagin: Yoyogi

  • Izakaya, Sake & Shochu Bars ( Yoyogiuehara )
  • Sasagin is a prime destination for those looking to try a lot of different sake without breaking the bank. The owner, Narita-san, is extremely knowledagable and speaks some English. You can order a fu...
  • Mizuki: Tokyo

  • Izakaya, Sake & Shochu Bars ( Nihombashi )
  • Mizuki specializes in Japanese fish cuisine, highlighting the best of each season. The bar stocks over 80 different kinds of sake and shochu, giving you plenty of choice to find a beverage that suits ...
  • Hotaruzuki: Ikebukuro

  • Izakaya, Traditional Japanese, Sake & Shochu Bars ( Ikebukuro )
  • Hotaruzuki is a Japanese izakaya that specializes in sake. They have over 100 selections, and there's the equivalent of a wine sommelier on staff to recommend sake and food pairings. They also offer s...
  • English menu

  • Izakaya, Sake & Shochu Bars ( Shibuya )
  • Kikka features a wide selection of sake and shochu. They pride themselves in sourcing yet unknown sake brands that would otherwise be hard to find, and which are only available for limited periods. Th...
  • Kuri: Ginza

  • Sake & Shochu Bars ( Ginza )
  • Sake aficionados, go to Kuri. Kuri is owned by a second-generation sake bar owner and offers a wide range of sake from all over Japan, available in convenient 60ml (200yen), 120ml, or 180ml glasses. T...
  • Sakanatei

  • Izakaya, Sake & Shochu Bars ( Shibuya )
  • Sakanatei is an Izakaya that specializes in Sake. They have a strong list that is always changing, and which showcases the best of each season. They also have their own original sake. The food is disp...
  • English menu
  • Shunju: Shibuya

  • Izakaya, Sake & Shochu Bars ( Shibuya )
  • Shunju specializes in preparing Izakaya-style food with organic ingredients. They are also famous for their sake list, which includes a lot of unique bottles.
  • Akaoni: Sanjenjaya

  • Izakaya, Sake & Shochu Bars ( Shimokitazawa )
  • Akaoni is one of Tokyo's most popular sake destinations, with over 100 varieties on offer at any given time. The selection changes to showcase the best seasonal products, while the food is good izakay...
  • Amanogawa

  • Sake & Shochu Bars, Traditional Japanese ( Shinjuku )
  • Amanogawa is a traditional Japanese restaurant where they pair food and sake. The sake list is quite strong, and they offer an "omakase" pairing course, in which the staff will choose your drinks. Be ...
  • English menu
  • Taruichi: Shinjuku

  • Sake & Shochu Bars, Izakaya ( Shinjuku )
  • Tariuchi is consistently ranked as one of Tokyo's best Izakaya. Their specialty is whale meat, prepared in many different ways. They are also known for their strong sake list, which includes a lot of ...
  • Trando: Shibuya

  • Sake & Shochu Bars ( Shibuya )
  • Trando is a small shochu bar in Shibuya's nonbei yokocho. The owner is super friendly and can recommend nice shochu from the list. The upstairs feels like you're hanging out at a friend's apartment a...

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Mizuki: Tokyo
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  • Izakaya
  • ( Shibuya )
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