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Agave ( Cocktail Lounges, Mexican, Bars / Roppongi )

Agave / Cocktail Lounges / Tokyo
  • Tokyo's foremost Mexican bar. Over 400 premium tequilas, mezcals and cigars in a subdued and elegant atmosphere. Mexico at its best!
  • Luxor : Shibuya

  • Bars ( Shibuya )
  • Draped with silk curtains everywhere, Luxor is a Japanese Hookah bar that does not disappoint. The interior is very relaxing, dark and comfortable. Every Tuesday and Thursday they have a belly dancer ...
  • Tsuzuri

  • Izakaya, Cocktail Lounges, Bars ( Ginza )
  • This restaurant in business area is modern and stylish. I'm sure around 1,200 yen is cheap when I think how good the quality and the varieties are. Besides the delicious main dishes such as cooked f...
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  • Cafe de Ningenkankei Copain

  • Bars ( Shibuya )
  • Ningen was one of the first cafe's I ever went to when I first visited Japan. My Japanese friends took me there and I instantly loved the place. I've spent countless hours there in meetings, drinking ...
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  • Albatross : Omoide Yokocho

  • Bars ( Shinjuku )
  • Albatross stands out as a slightly different bar than most in Omoide Yokocho. Rather than specializing in yakitori, oden or some other form of grilled stuff, Albatross sticks to the drinks in a tiny b...
  • 4 Count Bar

  • Bars ( Roppongi )
  • I don't much care what people say about the lovely drinks and pleasant atmosphere. The fact that the cover charge is hourly is like being in a discount hostess club. No thank you. Left after one dr...
  • English menu
  • ==Close== Rolling Stone Cafe

  • American, Cafes, Bars ( Roppongi )
  • we came here around 845 on a saturday night... there was hardly anyone here and the atmosphere was super mellow. I was expecting a more lively scene, so I was kind of disappointed. that said, the fo...
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  • Club Dragon: Shinjuku

  • Bars, Dance Clubs / Nightclubs ( Shinjuku )
  • This bar, I think, usually entertains a regular crowd. With outdoor seating, and a side than opens onto the street, this bar as remarkably beach like feel. From 7-9 on most nights they have 1000 yen n...
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  • Amrta

  • Bars ( Hiroo )
  • I've only been here once before on a weekday when the bill was being covered by the company expense account, so I have absolutely no idea how much anything cost. And the place was pretty much empty. ...
  • The First Bar

  • Bars, Dance Clubs / Nightclubs ( Roppongi )
  • I have been to the First bar and found the environment to be very pleasant and despite the large amounts of customers my drinks were always served in a timely manner. Personally I feel it's wrong for ...
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  • 82 Ale House

  • Bars, British pubs / Irish pubs ( Shinagawa )
  • This place is pretty close to one of the Temple University buildings so it is frequented by a quite a few students. But the place is nice, the staff is friendly, and the imported beers are cold. Oh,...
  • Muse

  • Dance Clubs / Nightclubs, Bars ( Hiroo )
  • The place was good looking. There are multiple floors, but the main one is B1F with a large island as a bar and in the back another small bar and the DJ. The decorations are unique. I especially liked...
  • Bar Piano

  • Bars ( Shibuya )
  • Yet another one of those places in Tokyo that makes you feel like you've just been teleported to an alternate reality. Classic "germanic" decor sometimes feels more like a cross between gar...
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  • The Pink Cow

  • American, French, Vegetarian & Healthy, Bars ( Shibuya )
  • Traci has set up an excellent space in what used to be a Glass Studio in east Shibuya. She hired a great cook and provides good food to what I see as two types of people: starters and stayers. For s...
  • Bar Jam

  • Live Bars/Jazz Bars, Cocktail Lounges, Bars ( Ebisu )
  • This swanky little jazz bar was not particularly crowded, but offered different aesthetics than other bars. The low blue light hang throughout the narrow club and either sat in poofs or at the bar. Th...
  • BistroDardre

  • Bars ( Shibuya )
  • Like most of the bars on Nonbei Street, Bistro Dardre is a traditional Japanese bar. The bar itself is like all the others in the area: very small. The first floor has about 4 seats and includes the b...
  • Bar Lupin

  • Bars ( Ginza )
  • Lupin bar is down a side alley off of a side street in Ginza. A swarthy man on the sign peers at you through a monocle. The door is old and substantial. There are no windows in the place, which is per...
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  • Illusion

  • Bars, Dance Clubs / Nightclubs, Beer Bars ( Roppongi )
  • This bar is highly recommeded. Enjoy a relaxing evening with friends or with clients. Escape from the ordinary. Entrance in this bar is free and no cover charge. Drinks are cheap too. U are likely to ...
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  • Bar Hermit east

  • Bars, Cocktail Lounges ( Shinjuku )
  • Its by far one of the best scotch bars i have ever been to. Their drink presentation is awesome and they have the courtesy of giving you a glass of water for every dry drink you order. They have a...
  • Carmine Omotesando Stand

  • Bars ( Harajuku )
  • I stumbled on a this restaurant. It is on the back street about 2min from main street. I saw people drank outside this bar and seemed fun! Since then I come here sometimes. If you drink beer you...
1 - 20 of 192
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