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Feria Tokyo ( Dance Clubs / Nightclubs / Roppongi )

Feria Tokyo / Dance Clubs / Nightclubs / Tokyo

  • A club space for international partiers, Feria features five floors each housing a unique space, offering the best of Tokyo nightlife.

  • Le Baron de Paris

  • Dance Clubs / Nightclubs ( Omotesando, Aoyama )
  • Definitely the "it" place. Draws a good crowd of wonderful people who just want to have a good time. No nonsense, just good vibes and great tunes. A good place to spot the underground cre...
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  • Club Dragon: Shinjuku

  • Bars, Dance Clubs / Nightclubs ( Shinjuku )
  • This bar, I think, usually entertains a regular crowd. With outdoor seating, and a side than opens onto the street, this bar as remarkably beach like feel. From 7-9 on most nights they have 1000 yen n...
  • The First Bar

  • Bars, Dance Clubs / Nightclubs ( Roppongi )
  • I have been to the First bar and found the environment to be very pleasant and despite the large amounts of customers my drinks were always served in a timely manner. Personally I feel it's wrong for ...
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  • El Cafe Latino

  • Dance Clubs / Nightclubs ( Roppongi )
  • This is a fun salsa bar. Music usually upbeat, and everyone is quite relaxed. I also like the staff there - they are quite friendly and approachable. Can get very crowded though. The level of danci...
  • Womb

  • Dance Clubs / Nightclubs ( Shibuya )
  • For everything from private events to headlining DJs from around the world to local talent, this is the place to go. Although it is sometimes so tightly packed that breathing can be a struggle, they ...
  • alife

  • Dance Clubs / Nightclubs ( Roppongi )
  • I believe that Alife is the 3rd largest club in Tokyo, after Ageha and Womb. This club features 3 floors: an upstairs with an uber secret VIP room for the owners and their friends with punch perms; th...
  • Muse

  • Dance Clubs / Nightclubs, Bars ( Hiroo )
  • The place was good looking. There are multiple floors, but the main one is B1F with a large island as a bar and in the back another small bar and the DJ. The decorations are unique. I especially liked...
  • Air

  • Dance Clubs / Nightclubs ( Daikanyama )
  • A great little hole-in-the-wall if you're looking to dance and meet some good "vibing" people. Definitely some good house music and solid progression. It'll keep you up all night.
  • Salsa Sudada

  • Dance Clubs / Nightclubs ( Roppongi )
  • Music is quite good. You can also sit down at the tables next to the dance floor, and watch people dance, although sometimes I wish more people would get up and dance when I am there. The dance flo...
  • Club Atom

  • Dance Clubs / Nightclubs, Entertainment ( Shibuya )
  • We came to this place right before midnight, so the cover charge was 1000 yen, girls got 2 free drinks for this as well. When we got in the place had a good amount of people but towards 2am the place ...
  • Club Harlem

  • Dance Clubs / Nightclubs ( Shibuya )
  • This club doesn't look as stylish as some other clubs I've been to in Tokyo but it has definitely got the best hip-hop DJs!!! The music is good and the entrance and drink fees are about the same as th...
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  • Illusion

  • Bars, Dance Clubs / Nightclubs, Beer Bars ( Roppongi )
  • This bar is highly recommeded. Enjoy a relaxing evening with friends or with clients. Escape from the ordinary. Entrance in this bar is free and no cover charge. Drinks are cheap too. U are likely to ...
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  • Velours

  • Cocktail Lounges, Dance Clubs / Nightclubs ( Omotesando, Aoyama )
  • Absolutely fabulous. A little loud later on in the evening but OH-MY-GOD. The atmosphere, the design, the fashion, the experience! If you've been spending the whole day in Omotesando or just up and...
  • Xross

  • Dance Clubs / Nightclubs ( Hiroo )
  • Walk into this club and all you see are the white drapes coving the walls, but then you walk downstairs and you are greeted by a large dance floor with the stereo system blasting. The dance floor is i...
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  • Salsa Caribe

  • Dance Clubs / Nightclubs ( Roppongi )
  • Caribe is a pretty cool place. Music usually quite good, and the people in the club are good at dancing. Not a place for beginners really, the dance level is probably the highest in Tokyo. Also, N...
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  • Wall Street House

  • Bars, Dance Clubs / Nightclubs ( Roppongi )
  • Honestly, I've only been here once, but I thought the place was rather posh/nice. It's one of those bars where there's music playing and a dance floor, so not for a quiet talk-out. Entrance is free, b...
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  • Odeon Tokyo

  • Bars, Dance Clubs / Nightclubs, Rental Space ( Roppongi )
  • This is where the party people end up after having been to their various events of the night. It is listed as closing at 6:00am, but I seem to remember leaving at 7:30 after a new DJ had just come on...
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  • warehouse702

  • Dance Clubs / Nightclubs ( Azabu-juban )
  • The Warehouse has some pretty good events. They're known for their bikini parties and other scandalous events. They bring in some pretty cool DJs and rock Azabu until the wee hours of the morning. ...
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  • Club Pure

  • Dance Clubs / Nightclubs ( Shibuya )
  • I went to pure with a few friends and my boyfriend last year and it was really lacking before 12. It's all you can drink and if you come in before 12 it's at a discounted price (2,000 yen? or somethin...
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Wall Street House
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