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  • Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

  • Aquariums ( Yokohama )
  • Dolphins! and more. This is the perfect place for a nice and relaxing date on a weekday. There weren't very many people so the lines for rides were incredibly short. But, as with all them parks, ...
  • Kotoku In

  • Temples ( Yokohama )
  • First and've made the trip all the way out out the pocket change to go inside the buddha. It's really interesting to see how such a large sculpture is constructed and aft...
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  • Enoshima Aquarium

  • Aquariums ( Yokohama )
  • The aquarium is not on the island, it's just before the bridge. I think it's not so expensive because you will see some stuff really cool there... The major good point is the big water tank. Ther...
  • Yodobashi Camera :Yokohama

  • Consumer Electronics ( Yokohama )
  • The shop is as huge as a department store but is filled with electronics (not just cameras), not clothes or groceries. It also contains two floors (the top-most and the bottom-most) filled with great ...
  • Steak Mountain

  • Fast Food, Steak ( Yokohama )
  • Selection is simple: there's like, 5 things you could choose from, all of which are prettily pictured/modeled. one is spicy (and it's actually spicy, so that's a great shock); i supposed you could com...
  • Sankeien

  • Japanese Gardens, Landmarks & Historical Places ( Yokohama )
  • My family was at the Sankeien during the last cherry blossom period. We were a week early but we could already witness the beginning of the sakura blossoming. It was a sight to behold. Many folks were...
  • The Landmark Tower

  • Night View Spots ( Yokohama )
  • I went here in the day in the middle of the summer. From the highest observation deck in Japan, on a humid day, I couldn't see very far. I could however learn about the different nearby rooftops of ...
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  • Fugetsu: Yokohama

  • Okonomiyaki, Monja ( Yokohama )
  • A great restaurant?they make the okonomiyaki to order right in front of you on a grill built into your table (watch your legs under the table). I got the Yasaitama (pumpkin, cabbage, pickled radish, o...
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  • Junoesque Bagel Shop :Yokohama

  • Bakery, Food-Others ( Yokohama )
  • A small open shop within the station, this is a great place to try a variety of Japanese bagels. Fruit flavors, chocolatey bagels, and savory ones like soy and wasabi, etc. The shop also features a va...
  • Rinko Park

  • Parks & Nature ( Yokohama )
  • This park is huge and right on the harbor. It contains plenty of walking paths, trees, grass, and flowers, along with a multitude of man-made lakes and pools (not for swimming). On a Wednesday afterno...
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  • Kirin City: Yokohama

  • Beer Bars ( Yokohama )
  • This bar is owned by Kirin, and thus serves only Kirin brews. Fortunately, they have multiple Kirin beers on tap. This includes a stout, a lager, a German-style beer, and the classic. The beer is well...
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  • D's Sweet Marche

  • Japanese Sweets & Cafes, Desserts ( Yokohama )
  • avg price: 350 yen This place has the cheapest crepes I have ever seen! I mean, not that there's much of a difference, only by 80 to 120 yen, but still, if you buy a lot of crepes, that difference ...
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  • Santon

  • Chinese ( Yokohama )
  • I have had the pleasure of lunch at Santou several times and most recently after a recent business meeting in Yokohama. It is a small, slightly dingy but authentic Chinese restaurant (including a seat...
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  • bills

  • Australian ( Yokohama )
  • For those who don't know, Bill Granger is a well known Australian chef/café owner, with boyish good looks and a dazzling smile, who has published quite a few cook books. He offers a breezy, laid back...
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  • Soup Stock: Yokohama

  • Cafes, Vegetarian & Healthy, Fast Food ( Yokohama )
  • This location of the popular soup chain is kind of a counter in the outside wall of Yokohama Station. It displays all of its soups through the window and you can line up, choose, and pay at the regist...
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  • Milky Soft

  • Cafes, Desserts ( Yokohama )
  • A small, quiet shop with outdoor seating?this place has amazing parfaits. It also serves simple ice cream cones in a few flavors, but the parfaits are worth it. They feature multiple ice creams, biscu...
  • Mother's Crepe

  • Ice Cream, Desserts ( Yokohama )
  • The really amazing part about this store is the display case; each item individually boxed and perfectly represented... to the main dish, average price is 500 yen. there's the option of crepe or wa...
  • Le Bon Pain

  • Bakery ( Yokohama )
  • a lot of different selection: crossaints, fruit bread, rye fruit bread, pizza, sausage; items tend to go fast; in an out the shop is very open air; i was sorely tempted to go in because of the choc...
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  • SoftBank :Yodobashi Camera

  • Phone Services ( Yokohama )
  • This place is conveniently placed within Yodobashi Camera so you can get a phone service plan in addition to your phone and accessories. It’s in addition to the SoftBank store within the same mall a...
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  • Hurricane Deck: Yokohama

  • Dining bars, Bars ( Yokohama )
  • This bar tries to exude Americaness. Rap music was blaring, and Spiderman was playing on a large screen. The food was a mix of tex-mex, pizzas and fried foods. The drinks were mostly cocktails, no sak...
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