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Zipangu ( Traditional Japanese, Cocktail Lounges, Sushi, Tempura, Teppanyaki / Hibachi, Chinese, Live Bars/Jazz Bars, Wine Bars / Akasaka )

Zipangu / Traditional Japanese / Tokyo
  • Zipangu is stylish restaurant that belongs to Nadaman, one of the most revered traditional Japanese restaurants in the country. Their approach is to combine Western influences with Nadaman's cuisine to create contemporary Japanese food that pairs with wine.

Tempura Fukushima ( Tempura / Roppongi )

Tempura Fukushima / Tempura / Tokyo
  • A two minute walk from Roppongi station, Fukishima features clean and simple interiors where they serve seasonal vegetables and fresh seafood. In addition it is a smoke free restaurant and used by many foreign guests for business entertaining.
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  • Tempura Imoya

  • Tempura ( Jimbocho )
  • I came here for lunch on the way to do some book shopping in Jimbocho on a very hot July day. Filled with businessmen grabbing lunch, my friend and I were seated immediately and waited about 10 minute...
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  • Tenya : Harajuku

  • Tempura, Fast Food ( Harajuku )
  • I have been to Tenya all around Tokyo.The tempura is crispy & tasted good & crunchy! And further more is cheap & reasonable.
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  • Tsunahachi : Shinjuku Honten

  • Tempura ( Shinjuku )
  • Perhaps it was was because all the glowing reviews had built my expectations up a little too high, but I was a little disappointed with Tsunahachi. The food was good and it was a thrill to watch it be...
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  • Tenya: Ikebukuro

  • Tempura, Fast Food ( Ikebukuro )
  • I came here in the evening with two friends about 45 minutes before closing. Luckily, they didn't mind at all and we were able to choose tasty tempura sets which came with rice and soup. I particularl...
  • Tenshige

  • Tempura ( Tameikesanno )
  • On the second floor, in a small restaurant in Akasaka is some of the most delicious tempura around. We arrived in the restaurant and were seated immediately and had our choice of either tendon or kaki...
  • Aoi Maru Shin

  • Tempura ( Asakusa )
  • I ordered "Oebi tendon," 1,680yen. Delicious. It arrived with miso soup, green tea, and pickled greens. Two huge shrimp lying across the bowl, along with sweet potato and tempura jalapeo. Ev...
  • Miyakawa

  • Tempura ( Omotesando, Aoyama )
  • This quite little restaurant helps fix any tempura craving you might be having. Although it was not especially crowded when I was there during the peak lunch hour, the food was not bad. I ordered tend...
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  • Tenmatsu: Shibuya

  • Tempura ( Shibuya )
  • Tenmatsu Shibuya offers the real deal when it comes to tempura. Though there are party rooms where larger groups can fit, I'd recommend sitting at the counter and watch the chef drop every new morsel ...
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  • Tenya : Shibuya

  • Tempura, Fast Food ( Shibuya )
  • Need a quick, cheap tempura fix? Look no further. Tenya has what you need. When you have only coins in your pocket, about 690yen will get you a super sized tempura don with miso soup and all yo...
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  • Tenya: Akasaka

  • Tempura, Fast Food ( Akasaka )
  • Donburi makes a really great lunch, and tempura never fails to delight. Since Tenya combines the two, it's a sure bet. The atmosphere of the place is kind of typical of a cheep Japanese restaurants, b...
  • Tongarashi

  • Soba, Udon, Tempura ( Jimbocho )
  • Tongarashi is a small little soba and udon with tempura shop that is run by an old couple. One thing that really sticks out about this place is the prices. Most of the meals were about 350-400yen fo...
  • Aisaka

  • Tempura ( Shimbashi )
  • Hidden on a backstreet behind a large office building is a small tempura restaurant called Tempura Oosaka. The exterior is typical of small Japanese restaurants and on the inside it is rather nice an...
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  • Tsunahachi : Shibuya

  • Tempura ( Shibuya )
  • When I went to the Shinjuku branch of tsunahachi, I thought it was tasty. This time in Shibuya I thought it was bland and forgettable. We ordered two sets of tempura; one was the sashimi course (1,875...
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  • Yamamoto

  • Sushi, Tempura ( Shinagawa )
  • - it's nice. definitely a good hokey-pokey feeling of old times, especially with all the wood. They have a poster menu of the sushi, although about..... 35% aren't available, probably rarely ordered o...
  • Ginza Hageten: Ikebukuro

  • Tempura ( Ikebukuro )
  • I try not to be a finicky eater, but within five minutes I wanted to run away from Hageten. In fact, I was about to head to the entrance to settle my bill when the chef came over and announced that I ...
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  • Tenya : Nishi-Shinjuku

  • Tempura, Fast Food ( Shinjuku )
  • We made a mistake walking into this restaurant. The tempura was poorly done and wasn't very fresh. The batter was too thick and the taste was very oily. The shrimp was also overcooked. Now, I avoi...
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  • Tensei

  • Tempura ( Omotesando, Aoyama )
  • Tensei serves its customers elegant tempura made from select-choice seasonal ingredients. This neat little restaurant has room for ten at its clean counter and two private rooms. It's decorated with...
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  • Tenya: Ueno

  • Tempura, Fast Food ( Ueno )
  • This tempura/tempura donburi chain restaurant has nearly 100 branches in the metropolitain area. Until Tenya’s conception in 1989, tempura was thought of as a ‘traditional’ food with a high-clas...
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