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Soul Food Bangkok ( Thai, Asian Fusion / Nakameguro )

Soul Food Bangkok / Thai / Tokyo
  • Authentic and spicy Thai food prepared by a Thai chef. Female customers love our colorful and healthy preparations! A relaxing space with an Asian twist.
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  • Chao Thai: Shibuya Dogenzaka

  • Thai ( Shibuya )
  • A reasonably priced Thai in a good location. The menu is comprehensive and the dishes are above average. Generally the food doesn't pack as much as a taste wallop as you might want it to. But when ...
  • Chao Thai: Ginza

  • Thai ( Ginza )
  • my favourite Thai restaurant.It is good to go by solo. (actually I saw lots of girls coming there by solo).So you do not feel awkwards to go by yourself. The restaurant( it is more like thai style can...
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  • Golden Burning: Shibuya

  • Thai ( Shibuya )
  • I am a big fan of Thai food and I was looking for a new place to visit. My friend introduced me to this place, so I took a chance with my girlfriend. Its location is really difficult to find. Turn ...

  • Thai ( Ginza )
  • Famous for Thai-suki. but i normally go to thier lunch time. Lunch set menu is pretty reasonable, most are approximately 1000 yen, so it is good value for money, especially this area. I normally order...
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  • Tinun: Ichigaya

  • Thai ( Ichigaya )
  • I got a bowl of noodles (I think I ended up ordering Pad Thai, or at least something similar) and it was absolutely wonderful. It was delightfully spicy and seemed to be pretty authentically Thai food...
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  • Chao Thai: Shibuya East

  • Thai ( Shibuya )
  • Located less than a minute directly outside Shibuya station is this truly authentic Thai restaurant. So there is no confusion, there are actually two outlets in Shibuya. No need to fly to Bangkok to g...
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  • Keawjai Thai: Shinjuku

  • Thai, Curry ( Shinjuku )
  • I didn't expect to walk away so happy from Keawjai. The mix of spicy, sour and sweet flavours that is so typical of Thai food but so sorely lacking in most Japanese renditions came out in full force a...
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  • Kaffir Lime

  • Thai ( Harajuku )
  • I visited here on lunch time and the place was almost full. The restaurant itself was quite small and the atmosphere was casual. I chose a lunch set out of 4 choices, and it costed about 1000 yen. It ...
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  • Tinun: Aoyama

  • Thai ( Omotesando, Aoyama )
  • I'm a picky eater (or drinker) when it comes to soups. I rarely order them, and when I do I'm generally disappointed-I prefer my food in the solid state better. Nonetheless, there are a few soups that...
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  • Aroyna Tabeta

  • Thai ( Tokyo Station )
  • Such a reasonable restaurant !!!most of set menu is only 630 yen!!!It is under train station so you can hear the noise of train though...If you pass the restaurant, it smells very nice. The restauran...
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  • Mango Tree Tokyo

  • Thai ( Tokyo Station )
  • We went there on a sunday for the lunch buffet for 2625 Yen per person which is not cheap, but the pictures on the net about the meal were looking good. Additional, the view should be good from the 35...
  • Mai Thai

  • Thai ( Ebisu )
  • Mai Thai is my favourite Thai restaurant in Tokyo. Great Thai food similar to what one might get back home in Sydney (so I'm not sure how authentic it is but hey, it tastes great!). It's crowded so be...
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  • Mangrove cafe

  • Thai, Asian Fusion ( Ebisu )
  • Either the owners of the mangrove cafe have a side business growing orchids or someone who does grow orchids is getting quite rich with all the orders from them because just about every dish was garni...
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  • Erawan

  • Thai ( Roppongi )
  • we love this thai restaurant the food is good the exotic interior also people were nice and my favorite seat is by the window at dinner.
  • Prik

  • Thai ( Ikebukuro )
  • You can immediately tell that Puriku is a family-run operation of Thai expats living in Japan. In fact, it's quite easy because as you walk in you will see the kid playing computer games and his mothe...
  • Asian Kitchen : Ginza Corridor

  • Thai, Asian Fusion ( Ginza )
  • Asian Kitchen packs a lot of spice and flare, in both the food and the atmosphere. A staircase decends from street level to the basement level restaurant. The walls of the staircase, though are made t...
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  • Siam: Shinjuku

  • Thai ( Shinjuku )
  • I asked for spicy and got exactly what I bargained for. The spicy chicken stir fry lunch delivered for the first time in Japan enough heat to seriously challenge my tolerance for chilies. Siam is l...
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  • Ciao! Bamboo

  • Vietnamese, Thai ( Harajuku )
  • Chao bamboo gets points for atmosphere, but lacks in flavour. Vietnamese food is all about the herbs; the mix of basil, mint, coriander and whatnot gives it its distinct flavour and edge. But, the her...
  • Tuk Tuk

  • Thai, Italian ( Meguro )
  • Tuk Tuk is a hybrid Thai/Italian (weird, I know) restaurant near Meguro. Luckily they don't mix Thai and Italian in the same dishes! Actually the specialty for lunch is a rich meat and coconut curry t...
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Soul Food Bangkok
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Elephant Cafe: Shibuya
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