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Haginaka park 萩中公園 Parks & Nature / Gotanda

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  • Haginaka park
  • (2020-07-27)
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  • Junk Park, Heck yea!!!
  • (2008-10-19)
  • this place was very fun. i guess it may be for children and the younger crowd to have fun moving around in the class, hopping into fire engines and old crickety boats, wading through sand and sliding at break-neck (i swear) speed down a treachorous white mound. that is what this part felt like, and it could probably feel like more to a child.

    what was there... was the normal park stuff: swings, monkey bars, climbing bars, hopping rocks, and then the paranormal stuff: the rundown transporation vehicles placed around, the water storage mechanism, and the bike and traffic training.

    you can rent bikes for children 12 and under, option for training wheels. the road is marked with white lines and traffic lights - a kinda real experience manned by people directing the children at most of the traffic lights.

    parking you car costs 100 yen, i believe. 400 for pool entrance. just saw bike stuff, didn't check out prices.
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