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Yodobashi Camera Multi Media Akiba ヨドバシカメラ マルチメディア Akiba Consumer Electronics / Akihabara

6 Reviews

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Yodobashi Camera is one of Kanto’s largest home electronics chain. Akihabara Yodobashi spans eleven floors and it's a department store of every type of electronics, from computer related products, cameras, TV, games, CDs and DVD software. In addition, they also have toys, figures, bicycles and other sporting goods. There is even a restaurant floor in the building.

Categories Consumer Electronics , Video Games , Cosplay, Figua , Bicycles , Sporting Goods , Appliances
Nearest Station Akihabara
Address 1-1 Kanda hanaoka-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-5209-1010
Home Page (In Japanese)
Business Hours 9:30am-10:00pm
Credit Cards Yes

6 Reviews for Yodobashi Camera Multi Media Akiba

  • Yodobashi Camera Multi Media Akiba
  • (2019-04-22)

  • It's Not Just about Kameras
  • (2012-09-01)
  • In previous reviews, they mention 6 floors. I was there yesterday and let me just say they've added 3 more to the building. I'll mention some other things about store. I love the fact that you never have to go outside to get inside. In August, in Tokyo, that's a plus in my book. Anything electronic is represented on some level (pun intended). The 9th floor is everything golf related including clot... Read More

  • You can spend a whole day checking it all out
  • (2009-08-08)
  • I really hope that foreigners do not pass-up on this store because it has "Camera" in the name. Honestly, I don't think that camera's make up a high enough percentage of the products offered here to warrant the name, so I can only assume that history is to credit for it (as with the other big "Camera" stores). I really like this store and honestly the prices are pretty good. The air conditionin... Read More

  • Yodobashi Camera Multi Media Akiba
  • (2008-10-19)
  • The 8 level of pure Otaku-Geek culture have like everything that you'll find in entire Akihabara Dutyfree Shops. Cellphones, PC Softwares, Cameras, Anime Figures, DVDs, CDs, Eletronics. You need some hours to see everything inside this giant-store. They have english and chinese staff, so you can ask for someone for these languages. Just one cons is the price, a little salty.

  • Yodobashi Camera Multi Media Akiba
  • (2007-10-06)
  • Yodobashi Camera is one of the electronic retail giants in Japan. It’s like 8 futuristic shops piled one on top of the other. That's the one I found in Akihabara, Tokyo. There are other Yodobashi camera stores found throughout Japan, though the one in Akihabara is the biggest. Each level is related to a certain genre of electronics, starting from Floor 1 - cell phones, then going up to over 8 fl... Read More

  • Yodobashi Camera Multi Media Akiba
  • (2007-07-23)
  • Yodobashi Camera is absolutely massive. It has six floors, each of which is extremely spacious and has 2 different sets of escalators, one on each side of the store. Each floor has a very wide array of products, all having at least a shred of relevance to technology. They carry every sort of electronic good you could ever need for your house or personal use. Washing machines, TVs, carrying cases, ... Read More
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