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Happo-en 八芳園 Japanese Gardens / Shirokane

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Once you step into this large garden, you'll be welcomed by so much beauty, you'll forget you are in Tokyo! A pond in the center of the garden is surrounded by a shrine and tea house, and the many bonsai trees standing in line are well worth your visit. The name "Happo-en" means "a garden which is beautiful from all angles", and that is certainly true here. Popular for weddings, the garden also features a restaurant with terrace tables and a Japanese tea house.

Categories Japanese Gardens
Nearest Station Shirokanedai
Address 1-1-1 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku , Tokyo
Telephone 03-3443-3111
Home Page http://www.happo-en.com (In Japanese)

2 Reviews for Happo-en

  • Happo-en
  • (2008-11-20)
  • It's hard to improve on Susan's review of Happo-en - her description is excellent. This is a little niche of Tokyo that is convenient enough to visit with your guests, but far enough away that it is usually not overwhelmed by hordes of tourist buses (one notable exception is the one day Sun Tours, which do include an afternoon tea ceremony in their tour itinerary). Make this your pre-lunch stop, a... Read More

  • Happo-en
  • (2007-09-19)
  • It's kind of cliché to say, “I walked into such and such a garden and felt like I walked out of the city.” In that regard, isn't walking into any green space like walking out of the city? On top of that, turning the street corner in Japan is a little like living that Monty Python catch phrase, “and now for something completely different.” All the same, some gardens capture that feeling of... Read More
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