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Club Atom is a Shibuya nightclub that plays trance, rave, psytrance, house and hip-hop. There are three different floors; two that work as a nightclub and a third that works as a lounge in which to relax and have a drink. On Saturdays the hip-hop floor can become quite crowded.

Categories Dance Clubs / Nightclubs , Entertainment
Nearest Station Shibuya Station
Address 5F 6F Dr.jeekan's Bldg, 2-4 Maruyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-5428-5195
Home Page (In Japanese)
Business Hours 10:00pm-6:00am
Price Admission: Around 3000 yen, depending on the event.
Credit Cards Yes

9 Reviews for Club Atom

  • Club Atom
  • (2017-05-01)

  • Club Atom
  • (2016-05-12)
  • Even it was weekday, many people were joining the party night!! Found the discount coupon for here. All of people are able to use without registration.

  • Club Atom
  • (2010-11-23)
  • One of my first nights out in Tokyo, Club Atom was a great place to go for those who don't know the city but want to go somewhere fun. There are three floors all playing different music, the third floor was playing R&B and hip hop, the second floor was the largest and had a famous Japanese DJ playing (wasn't sure who it was though!) and the first was playing trance music. The cover charge was 3,00... Read More

  • Club Atom
  • (2010-02-10)
  • Highly recommended! Appeals to the 20-25 year old scene more, lots of traditional japanese people in that age group. Try and get there before midnight, after midnight it gets really packed. Two music pumping rooms, 1000 yen entry fee, not many foreigners (there wasnt many when I went last week). If your in shibuya, definately worth going on Friday night! A bit hard to find though, try and look for... Read More

  • Crowded but fun!
  • (2009-07-05)
  • We came to this place right before midnight, so the cover charge was 1000 yen, girls got 2 free drinks for this as well. When we got in the place had a good amount of people but towards 2am the place got really packed! This was on a Saturday. Good music, three floors with some nice variation and some really good trance/psytrance on the bottom floor. The top floor was mostly very commercial RnB ra... Read More

  • Club Atom
  • (2008-12-07)
  • This three-floor club is one of the clubs to try out when in Shibuya. Each floor has its own theme, with its own kind of music (the top floor being hip hop). Although the weekends are pretty empty, the weekends are packed with party people and, while the top floor is difficult to dance in, the other two floors are pretty big and spaced out enough to dance and have fun!

  • Caters to booty-shakin'
  • (2008-11-17)
  • Three wonderful floors of entertainment. From hip-hop on top to psytrance down below and nothing but house music all night long on the ground floor, this place is amazing. It is a club that caters to booty-shaking in all its glorious forms. And with enough room to dance, bounce, grind, and drink all night long, it absolutely has one-up on other clubs in Shibuya. Bartenders speak English, and y... Read More

  • Club Atom
  • (2008-11-17)
  • Most of the Japanese people who come here do so to avoid the stereotypical foreign clubbing man. The crowd wasn't too friendly to the foreign group of three I was in. The lowest floor was playing psy trance, was themed like a cave and featured a few gyaru who were doing something more than just drinking. The main floor was playing more mainstream electronic music and got pretty busy. Other tha... Read More

  • Club Atom!
  • (2008-06-30)
  • Club Atom is a really great club and a pretty fun place for first-time-to-Tokyo foreigners to go to see the Japanese 20-somethings' club scene. There are multiple floors and usually one is pumping trance beats and another is doing something more like hip-hop or R&B. Entrance is between 1000 yen (usually for women only) and 3500 yen depending on the night, if you have a flyer or if you're male or f... Read More

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