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Uminchu no Ie ~ Okinawan (house of the fisherman) Izakaya / Hiroo

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  • Uminchu no Ie ~ Okinawan (house of the fisherman)
  • (2019-10-10)
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  • No slow in Tokyo? look again...
  • (2013-05-26)
  • 2 chefs & the owner are from Okinawa. You'll find friendly island pace in the Tokyo race. Order island dishes..."MoM"... is what you'll's like hearty dishes from mom's kitchen in Okinawa. Goya's from Okinawa. Located around the corner from the Sanno Hotel. 2 roomy tables on the outdoor patio to enjoy your iced cold Orion beer... daily specials, Okinawan soba, rafuti, gurukun, goya stir fry chanpuru, taco rice, jimami (peanut) tofu, sukugarasu (tofu topped w/ tiny salted fish) and island style shaved ice too! The mein/noodles are hand made, air dried and raw ingredients are from Okinawa. The owner knows his noodles/mein.
    And english menu as well!
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