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Aoyama Chojuan あおやま長寿庵 Soba / Omotesando, Aoyama

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  • Aoyama Chojuan
  • (2007-08-02)
  • This Soba shop is quite nice on the inside with all sorts of decorative statues and place settings, but that’s as far as it goes. The interior is set up very well and is extremely welcoming and pleasing to the eye. At one of the counters there is a large bouquet in the middle. There was no English here in anyway. I ordered Tempura Soba (1,300 yen) and shortly thereafter, a tray with a few pieces of Tempura and a hot bowl of Soba. I was not particularly fond of either. They did not give me any sauce for the Tempura and the Soba was only moderate at best. The two or three waitresses that were running around seemed to have too much to do because they were very curt and did not stop to talk except to strictly take orders. Everyone in there wore at least a shirt and tie and were obviously on their lunch break, and despite what I thought of the restaurant, it seemed to be popular because after I got there a small line formed at the door of people waiting to be seated.
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