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Otoya: Okachimachi 大戸屋 Teishoku, Yoshoku / Ueno

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  • Otoya: Okachimachi
  • (2007-10-03)
  • Otoya is a tradition Japanese tei-shoku (meal set) with a healthy twist: all items are conveniently tagged with a calorie count, and overly heavy or fatty sauces aren't used. The food was really delicious - I spent less than 800 yen and selected a chicken rice bowl from the picture menu (there's no English, the servers don't speak English, but it's super easy to point to things). The rice bowl came out with water, tea, and miso soup. I noticed lots of people ordering small vegetable and tofu side dishes as well, but this was plenty for a 20 year old college student. Otoya was filled with chatty, happy Japanese business people. The seating is a little tight, but no trouble.
    You order and pay first at the counter, before being ushered to your seat. Otoya was brightly lit, and had a casual, un-ostentatiously modern Japanese atmosphere. Great for bring family or friends along, or just going solo for a good lunch.
    Overall I was really happy with Otoya and plan on going back. By the way, it's on the second floor, but there's an obvious sign.

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