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S Watanabe Color Print 渡邊木版美術画舗 Japanese Goods / Shimbashi

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  • S Watanabe Color Print
  • (2007-10-02)
  • I think there's a tendency in the West to imagine Hokusai prints when the phrase "Japanese woodblock prints" is mentioned. There's so much more to the subject. S Watanabe has a fine collection of both old and modern woodblock prints. The modern ones are delightful. Perhaps I was taken with them because the subject matter, use of color and designs were simply more accessible to me, but they are more than worth your time for a quick look. If you're interested in owning an antique, a print made in the traditional style or a more modern work, you're in luck; they have an incredible selection and the prices aren't unreasonable. If you're on a college student's budget, there are still options open to you. There are several small prints for under 2000 yen and a host of handsome postcards. The staff speaks a high level of English.
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