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Sengakuji 泉岳寺 Temples / Shinagawa

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Sengaku-ji is a Buddhist Temple built in 1612. The location is famous for holding the graves of the characters of "Chushingura," a popular subject for Kabuki plays that tells a vendetta story from the Edo period. Many fans of the story pay their respects at the temple and can be seen in big numbers. Every year on December 13th and 14th, a festival is held in their honor, attracting an even larger crowd.

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Nearest Station Sengakuji
Address 2-11-1 Takanawa, Minato-ku , Tokyo
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2 Reviews for Sengakuji

  • December 14th
  • (2008-12-15)
  • The temple is small, there's two gates and then the main shrine (which consists of the coin-tossing... box and in front is the semi-giant incense pot, the one whose smoke you waft your way) It's nice, because on most days, it's quite empty. I had more fun going on December 14th, though, as that is the anniversary of the day they attacked Lord Kira to avenge Lord Asano. Although the temple is... Read More

  • Sengakuji
  • (2007-08-04)
  • The approach to Sengakuji temple gives it nostalgic charm, but I wouldn't classify it as much more than mildly interesting. It's wedged in between modern houses, sky scrapers and apartment buildings, but it's narrowness makes it an interesting place to take a stroll. Visually, the temple and its grounds are very interesting. The trees around the gate, for instance, are obviously arranged to be par... Read More
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